On the role of senses in education
Computers & Education 51 (2008) 1707–1717
Zoltán Kátai, Katalin Juhász, Alpár Károly Adorjáni
The efficiency of teaching algorithms can be highly improved by utilizing the senses as educational aids. The authors have developed a new didactical method and a software tool which exemplifies, for the case of simple algorithms, how the involvement of eyesight, hearing and the kinaesthesia can help in the teaching and learning process. This paper also gives a detailed description of a didactical experiment which proves empirically the efficiency of this new approach.
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Technologically and artistically enhanced multi-sensory computer-programming education
Teaching and Teacher Education 26 (2010) 244–251
Zoltán Kátai, László Tóth
Over the last decades more and more research has analysed relatively new or rediscovered teaching–learning concepts like blended, hybrid, multi-sensory or technologically enhanced learning. This increased interest in these educational forms can be explained by new exciting discoveries in brain research and cognitive psychology, as well as by the accelerated integration of technology (computers, intranets, internet, etc.) in education. We have investigated how the educationally valuable outcomes of these trends could be implemented in computer-programming education and in what ways this process could be catalysed by arts (dance, music, rhythm, theatrical role-playing). We present a theoretical basis for technologically and artistically enhanced multi-sensory teaching–learning strategies. This work focuses particularly on how dance can be involved in computer science classes.
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Multi-Sensory Method for Teaching-Learning Recursion
Computer Applications in Engineering Education 19(2) (2011) 234–243
Zoltán Kátai
In this paper, we are going to introduce a new multi-sensory method and software, which improve the teaching-learning process of the recursive procedures and functions. The presented method can also be categorized as a blending or hybrid teaching-learning strategy that applies to technologically enhanced pedagogy. (The software was initially designed to be utilized especially in the teaching phase of the educational process, but it can also be efficiently used as an e-learning tool.)
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